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  • - Efficient use of time and money - Facility and creativity - Common drawback

What is Outsourcing?

The Outsourcing is a business process in which  company Outsource their business to an external company and the external company takes care of it. Main company handles the sales and support and outsourcing company handles the website production part and acts as a web design department and delivers the work as per the requirements. In short one company outsource the entire web project work to an expert and concentrates on its core business.

Outsource your work is a good idea because it helps your current business work more professionally and make more profits. It is most useful to large hosting companies, website design firms, yellow page companies, software companies and web portals etc.

Why you need Outsource?

  • If you will hire designers and programmers for your company then each time you have to train the new staff which costs in dollars and productivity is also lost.
  • When your employee leaves your company or switches the job it disturbs all current projects, dead lines on which that employee was working.
  • You have to pay your staff money on sick days and vacation too.
  • Sometimes you don’t have enough projects as per your staff, still you have to pay them and sometimes if you have more projects which your staff can not handle in office hours, then  you have to pay them for extra time to complete projects.
  • You have to buy all necessary equipments and softwares which costs a lot.
  • It’s difficult and costly to find and hire all skilled staff for your company.
  • For adding new skill as per changing technology, you have to make your staff up-to-date and for that they will learn on your company’s time which affects the productivity.

To avoid all these difficulties outsourcing your projects work is a smart decision with many advantages.

Advantages of Outsourcing:

  • It helps to reduce operating costs, upfront and ongoing expenses.
  • You don’t have to hire, train, retain and manage large IT staff.
  • You have flexibility to choose project’s cost – Fixed price or Hourly based price.
  • You have a choice to give your projects to the skilled different professionals and infrastructure as per the requirement of your projects
  • You get competitive price with no compromise approach.
  • You can focus more on your core business which will improve your business results.
  • You only have to pay for just what you get outsourced.
  • You can save more than 50% on you project cost.

Why Outsource Us?

  • We have good successful project completion record of many Outsourcing projects.
  • We have excellent team of dynamic and enthusiastic designers and developers.
  • Our team have expertise in PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, MySQL, MS Access, HTML, XHTML CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Corel Draw and many more…
  • We keep complete confidentiality for other web design companies who are outsourcing their client projects to us.
  • We reply our client quickly as  we are available almost all the time in Instant Messengers (Yahoo / MSN/ Skype / Google talk). So you can contact us quickly and never get any problem getting in touch with us.
  • We believe in quality work and never compromise in it. We have well planned work method for each project from concept to completion which helps us to deliver project on time.
  • We put our best effort and skilled professionals to get highly creative work for web design, logo design, flash animation and graphics design.
  • We have highly experienced team who quickly understands your needs so you don’t have to face freshers problems and mistakes.

What are we Out-sourcing?

  • Complete website production process : Concept to Completion
  • From simple brochure, static sites to e-commerce stores to large database sites
  • Various technologies - PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS Access, CSS, Flash, HTML, XHTML etc.
  • Content Management Systems, Blog, Portals, Photo Gallery
  • Website design, Logo design, Flash website, Flash Intro/Presentation, Banner Design, SEO, Website Redesign, Website Maintenance,
  • Digital Printing - Business card design, Brochures design, Flyer
  • Domain Registration and Website Hosting

Without a trusted and well working outsourcing partner many outsourced projects fail to meet up the expectations. Soft Web Media provides reliable and professional outsourcing and consulting services.